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Communication Satellites

New Skies Satellites. NSS-6 In Orbit


Carrick Communications, its staff and consultants have worked on many communication satellite programmes ever since the 1970s when the world's first 3-axis stabilised Ku-Band satellite, OTS, was developed by the European Space Agency (ESA). These include :

  • BSB
  • OTS

The military and commercial satellites involved operate at VHF (TT&C), UHF, L-Band, C-Band, S-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, Ka-Band and EHF. The company has in-depth experience in the design and technology employed at all these frequencies, both on spacecraft payloads and in the earth stations.

The range of work undertaken has been extensive, from system design and study contracts, through equipment development to the management of spacecraft subsystem development contracts. The specific satellites and associated systems which we have been involved with, and the type of project responsibilities and work undertaken in each case are detailed under these Links :

Lift-off of Ariane 44L carrying the Intelsat 906 satellite to geostationary orbit, 6th September 2002