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Earth Stations

Procurement and System Engineering of an 18-metre Earth Station

This contract was for a Government customer. It involved the specification, procurement, installation, commissioning and acceptance testing of a special-purpose, receive-only, dual-band, 18-metre earth station.
Modification & Calibration of a 13-metre Ku-Band Earth Station

Specification, design and procurement of the in-orbit test system for the OTS satellite, and its installation in a 13-metre Ku-Band earth station at Fucino, Italy. This involved the modification of the earth station, the integration of the 6 racks of IOT equipment and the antenna-mounted systems, and the calibration of the completed facility.
Modification & Calibration of a 3-metre Ku-Band Earth Station

Modification and calibration of a 3-metre Ku-Band earth station at Telespazio's Fucino facility to permit its use in the in-orbit testing of the OTS satellite.
Modification & Calibration of a 3-metre Transportable Ku-Band Earth Station

The re-design, refurbishment and calibration of a 3-metre Ku-Band transportable earth station at ESTEC in the Netherlands for use in in-orbit testing and communications experiments. This became known as ESA's TMS2 station.
Specification and RFP Package for the Refurbishment of the TT&C Station for the METEOSAT Satellite

Involvement in the production of detailed specifications and the complete RFP package for the refurbishment of ESOC's Odenwald earth station in Germany. This is the S-Band TT&C and Data Collection/Data Dissemination station for the METEOSAT weather satellites.
Specification and RFP Package for a TT&C Station

Involvement in the production of the specifications and the complete RFP Package for the procurement of a TT&C station by a European customer.
Design and Development of a 12 GHz and 20/30 GHz Earth Station

Involvement in the design and development of a 12 GHz and 20/30 GHz earth station for a European PTT Administration.
Specification and RFP Package for an INTELSAT Standard E Earth Station

Involvement in the production of the specifications and the complete RFP Package for the procurement of a Standard E earth station for a Government customer. The contract also included evaluation of the resulting proposals and recommendations for supplier selection.
Earth Station Line-up Procedures

Preparation of the QPSK/FDMA Earth Station Line-Up Procedures for a Standard E earth station for a European Teleport Operator.
Design of a Burst Mode Group Delay Test Set

Design of a Burst-Mode Group Delay Test Set for the testing and alignment of TDMA earth stations.
Assistance to PTT Administrations in Upgrading Earth Stations for TDMA Operation

Provision of assistance to a number of PTT Administrations in planning for and specifying the upgrading of their earth stations for operation with the INTELSAT 120 MBit/s TDMA/DSI system. This was done under the auspices of the INTELSAT IADP Programme and under contract to INTELSAT.
Mobile RFI Measurement Facility

Design of a mobile computer-controlled RFI measurement facility for use in the survey of potential earth station sites. The system included antennas, LNA, receiver etc. as well as the data gathering and data analysis software.
Antenna Footprint Monitoring System

System design of a novel fade-compensating fluxmeter. A number of these fluxmeters were located around the periphery of the UK and linked to a central station. The system accurately measured the BSB satellite antenna footprint on the UK, permitting the satellite antenna beam to be correctly aimed at all times.
Study on the Impact of Future Technology

Execution of a study on the impact of future technology on military earth station design and performance for a Government customer.