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Experience of the Company and its Staff

Carrick Communications, its staff and consultants have a broad range of experience spanning many years. In addition to management and project management roles, key staff have been involved in the different facets of growing hi-tech companies from conception to world-class leaders in their fields.

This knowledge underpins all assignments carried out for Clients, be they small consultancy or development contracts or much larger projects lasting years.

The company and its staff have been involved in most aspects of telecommunications over some 30 years, with satellite communications a speciality.

We have worked in almost all areas of satellite communications. These include the specification, design and development of complete systems; earth station operations; earth station procurement, installation & commissioning; the development and production of individual earth station equipment and software.

Some staff have worked on spacecraft communications payloads and subsystems, as well as having had responsibility for the in-orbit testing of new communications satellites.

Carrick Communications has worked on both military and commercial projects. Military communications systems are a speciality.

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