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Carrick Communications' Products


Most of the technical consulting assignments undertaken for Clients are underpinned by a range of proprietary computer programs for communications system design and signal processing simulation. These tools have been developed by the company over many years and are continuously updated to keep abreast of developments in communications engineering and computer & software technology.

While these programs are used internally to support design & development work, some are of direct relevance to organisations like Telcos, communications equipment manufacturers and satellite communications service providers. For this reason a small number of these systems are being engineered as stand-alone COTS software products.

These form part of the company's MySatTools Suite, which will include:


LinkOptTM permits analysis, design and optimisation of the transmission of digital signals over an end-to-end satellite link.


ImoGenTM simulates the transmission of multiple signals through an earth station to produce the EIRP spectral density of the signals and the resulting intermodulation.

Carrier Planning Systems

Carrier Planning Systems combine the company's experience and expertise in satellite communications and earth station operations with the experience gained by staff in having developed a new generation of train planning system in the 1990s, as used today by major railways on all five continents.

Carrier Management Systems

These systems are the real-time versions of the carrier planning systems, and both rely heavily on the latest client-server relational database technology. While the underlying structures are similar, the operational requirements and system performance differ considerably.

More details will be published in the near future. However, if you have any immediate or forthcoming requirements just contact Carrick Communications using the form on the Contact page.

MySatTools is a registered trademark of Carrick Communications Ltd.