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Who we are

Defence Communications

Carrick Communications is a long-established company focussed on consultancy, technical design, custom products and simulation software for the global defence, telecommunications and transport sectors.

Intelligence and Security

Consultancy, project work and more.

Systems Design

End-to-end communications systems design, implementation and training.

Satellite Communications is a speciality

What we do

Satcoms System Design

End-to-end satellite communications systems design using our sophisticated and proven simulation tools.


Satcoms Consultancy

We’ll integrate into your team, bringing decades of satellite communications design and operations experience with us.


Ground Station Specification, Testing and Commissioning

We help you procure your ground stations, from initial specification to acceptance and handover to operations.


Where we're located

Company Location

Carrick Communications Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company with offices in Australia and the UK from where we undertake projects for an international client base.

Depending on the Client’s requirements projects are undertaken either on an arm’s length basis, or the company’s consultants form an integral part of the Client’s team, often working on site wherever needed.

Global Operations

Our Team

Team Background

The company was founded in 1990 by Dr Bob Gough who has spent his entire career specialising in satellite communications in various roles with the industry’s major players and space agencies.
Bob works with some of the industry’s key figures and has a unique pool of qualified, diverse resources and colleagues who can be called upon to staff your project.
These people range from signal processing specialists, antenna design experts, software engineers, mission control experts, project managers and more.

Company founder Dr Bob Gough

Some of our Customers

Satcoms Innovation Group

Carrick Communications has actively worked with SIG and its members since 2010.
SIG members include Intelsat, Eutelsat, Inmarsat, SES, Telesat, Telenor, Arabsat, Es’hailSat, Singtel, Airbus, Goonhilly, Pekasat, Kratos, Novella Satcoms and many more.

AIAA Communications Systems Technical Committee

Carrick Communications has been represented on this committee by Dr Bob Gough for a number of years.
The CMSTC organises the annual ICSSC International Satellite Communications Systems Conferences and Bob is Chair, Media Relations.

Goonhilly Earth Station

The company’s association with Goonhilly goes back to 1990, and Bob Gough’s association dates back to the late 1970s.
Carrick Communications has strong ongoing links with Goonhilly Earth Station (GES) and is helping them to grow their business and deep space communications network in Australia and Asia-Pacific.

UK Space Agency

The company has carried out a number of contracts for the UK Space Agency’s predecessor, the British National Space Centre.
UK Ministry of Defence
Carrick Communications has carried out contracts for different branches of the UK Ministry of Defence.
UK Government Communications Headquarters
The company has carried out a number of contracts for the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters.
Carrick Communications presented its 3-day “Satellite Communications for Defence” course in conjunction with SKM in Singapore.
European Space Agency

Carrick Communications has carried out different contracts for the European Space Agency.

One example is that the company produced the Users’ Guide for ESA’s Olympus satellite. This satellite was one of the very first to implement steerable Ka band spotbeams.


Carrick Communications has carried out projects for Filtronic in both the UK and Australia.

Carrick Communications has a long history with Filtronic, as Bob Gough was one of the first 6 people in the company when it started in Leeds in 1980!

EM Solutions
The company has assisted EM Solutions in the area of business development.
Colem Engineering

Carrick Communications has worked with Colem Engineering since 2010.

Colem specialises in network monitoring and control solutions for major satellite operators, including NOAA for its NOAA NOP and GOES R/U projects.

Colem was acquired by Crystal in 2018.

Novella Satcoms

Carrick Communications has assisted Novella Satcoms with their business development in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.


Carrick Communications carried out business development work for Newsat related to their Jabiru HTS satellite and their Adelaide and Perth teleports.

Newsat was acquired by SpeedCast in 2015.

British Telecom International

A number of contracts have been carried out for BTI, mainly related to their international satellite communications infrastructure and operations.

Ferranti Computer Systems

The company worked in the past with Ferranti Computer Systems on their satellite communications systems and ground stations.

Orbit Research

The company has worked with Orbit Research UK since the late 1990s on a number of projects, including their network monitoring & control and pre-compensated AFC systems.

Comreco Rail

This company was co-founded by Bob Gough in 1990 to provide the RailPlan™ and PowerPlan™ operations simulation and planning tools for the railway industry.
Carrick Communications Ltd carried out the development of these market-leading software products, which were adopted by railways on every continent.

EDF Energy Powerlink

Carrick Communications assisted EDF Energy Powerlink in modelling and simulating their power system upgrades of the London Underground.

This multi-year activity was done under a Framework Agreement between the companies and was undertaken on-site in London.

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