Company Pedigree

Carrick Communications was founded in 1990 by Dr Bob Gough, who has over 35 years in-depth experience in almost all technical aspects of satellite communications.

In addition to such a strong technical background Bob has held a range of management positions, including founder and CEO of three leading-edge satcoms / transportation / software companies.

International Presence

Carrick Communications operates from centres in the UK and Australia, providing both Management and Technical Consultancy Services to Telcos, telecommunications and transportation customers, satellite communications operators, industry and Governments world-wide.

Company Operations

All of the company’s contracts are organised on a project basis with a dedicated project manager whose main role is to ensure Client satisfaction.

Extensive use is often made of the company’s design, modelling and simulation software. These tools have been developed in-house over many years and have been used and validated on numerous projects. Where required, they are complemented by the use of third party software products.

The company’s consultants are all experts in their fields, be they managers, analysts, engineers or software professionals.

Where appropriate, Carrick Communications draws on the specific experience of professional colleagues who are able to bring precisely the right management or technical expertise to a project, depending on the Client’s particular needs.

Partner Organisations

For projects requiring hardware development & testing, access to earth station operational & testing facilities or satellite transponder access, Carrick Communications has excellent relations with a number of partner organisations.

Our partner organisations range from specialist software and hardware companies right through to major satellite earth station operators and Telcos. The use of their facilities is arranged on a project-by-project basis.